TwoKaizer First Image Out

Who would have that we'll get to see his first image leak as a Toy.

Behold! Zenkaiger's 6th Member → TwoKaizer!

Is it just okay to call him as Gokai Gold?

TwoKaizer's Henshin Item - Geardalinger is a Gun Type item which can turned into a sword.

He will use Gokaiger Sentai Gear to transform. Once TwoKaizer places his Gear in the slot, he has to rotate the Ship Wheel & press the Trigger to transform.

TwoKaizer have two exclusive Sentai Gears numbered 33 (Shinkenger) & 19 (Ohranger) which can transform him into Shinken Form & Ohran Form respectively.

The 33 & 19 Sentai Gear has the face of a robot with eyes similar to that of Kamen Rider Lazer and the helmet of Shinken-Oh & Ohranger Robo.

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