Ukyo Matsumoto (Snipe), Hiroaki Iwanaga (Birth) & Others Join Junretsuger Cast

Ukyo Matsumoto (Kamen Rider Snipe), Hiroaki Iwanaga (Kamen Rider Birth), Atsushi Shiramata (Kamen Rider Kurokage) are joining the Junretsuger Cast as the villain who threaten the peace of Hot Springs. Here's are their role names in their movie.

  • Hiroaki Iwanaga as Zauna (taken from Sauna)

  • Ukyo Matsumoto as Garan (taken from Karan which means Tap in Japanese)

  • Atsushi Shiramata as Zoap (taken from Soap)

Ukyo Matsumoto who had left his previous Talent Agency in 2018 and became a Freelance Actor is appearing on screen after nearly 2 years.

Kohei Yamamoto (Hurricane Yellow) who was in charge of Planning Cooperation for Junretsuger movie is also joining the cast with a role. His role name is Kosuke who is the scraping craftsman at the Hot Springs.

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