Ultimate Shining Zero To Make Debut in The Absolute Conspiracy?

An image of Shining Ultraman Zero donning the Ultimate Aegis → Ultimate Shining Zero was leaked online recently. The source is from Chinese product, a Booster Card. Various source state this to be an official Tsuburaya licensed product and it is believed that this form will make first appearance in the last two of episodes of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.

Seems like a perfect form to fight Absolute Tartarus who has the ability to cross the universe and also the time.

Tsuburaya's Official Website had revealed that the Final Chapter of The Absolute Conspiracy will have 4 episodes instead of previously believed 3 episodes making a total of 10 Episodes. The Final Episode will stream on January 31st.

They have also revealed the title's of all three chapters.

Chapter.1: "Conspiracy makes a move -The Beginning-"

Chapter.2: "Crossing Stories -The Divergence-"

Chapter.3: "Revelation of Greed -The Appearance-"

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