Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Arc 1 Story Guide

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will have 10 episodes in total split into three arcs each starring with their own Ultraman → Ultraman Ribut, Ultraman Belial (Early Style) & Ultraman Zero.

But before I start guiding you on the Arcs, I would like to tell you the Stream date for The Absolute Conspiracy has been announced! It will start streaming on YouTube from November 22. Pretty much near to the final two episodes Ultraman Z TV Series.

Start off with Arc 1

The story is from the time of Galaxy Rescue Force Ultraman Ribut's days as Civilization Guardian. Ultraman Ribut and Ultraman Max detects a strange signal on a mysterious planet. But little did they knew that is was the trap of the enemy burning with revenge. Max puts him in danger while saving Ribut.

At the same time, Ultraman 80 & Ultrawoman Yullian are attacked by Leugocyte on Planet Kanon. Ultraman 80 chases him and he will end up experiencing Climatic Galactic Incident soon.

The is the Absolute Conspiracy! The mysterious Golden Giant → Absolute Tartarus is working in the behind it.

In the end, will Ultraman Ribut be able to save Max from enemy's threat.

Ultraman Great & Ultraman Powered are also going to appear in this arc and they will team up with Ribut as per the teaser! Three Ultraman of different countries will come together!

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