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Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Voice Actors Revealed! Mega List of Legendary Seiyuus!

As the title says Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy is going to unexpected Mega List of Legendary Seiyuus! You seriously wouldn't have seen these many Legendary Seiyuus in any of the Tokusatsu Series.

But before I start listing the Legendary Seiyuus, we are of course getting a Legendary Ultraman voiced by his Original Legendary Actor. He is going to celebrate his 40th Anniversary this year!

Hatsunori Hasegawa who had played Takeshi Yamato / Ultraman 80 is going to return to voice Ultraman 80! How awesome is this!!!

In the Absolute Conspiracy, he will chase Leugocyte who had attacked his beloved Yullian in Planet Kanon. During the chase is said to witness climatic galactic incident.

I was honestly surprised when I received the offer to play the voice of Ultraman 80, but since it was a request from the reliable Director Sakamoto, I was delighted to accept it. When I received the script, I felt nostalgic because it had been so long since I was involved.
While recording, for the dubbing at that time Ultraman 80’s lines weren’t in Takeshi Yamato’s voice, so the recording this time was very fresh. It’s been a long time since Ultraman 80’s appearance. I’m thankful for the longstanding support, and I hope for your continued support.

Nishioka Tokuma (the actor who also played Aruto's Grandfather - Korenosuke) had voiced Father of Ultra for many years since Mebius. But this time it will be played by Hajime Iijima. Makes sense though.

He is playing 'Ultraman Ken', the Young Father of Ultra.

Suzuko Mimori a.k.a. Mimorin is gonna voice Young Mother of Ultra → Ultrawoman Marie. You know guys know her already. If you don't know... and don't see much of Anime, then she was in Geed as Rem.

Shunsuke Takeuchi as Young Zoffy

This is a surprise now! Ultraman Cosmos is also going to appear and Taiyo Sugiura is gonna voice him.

Though we are not getting original Actress to voice Ultraman Justice, Megumi Han is coming back for another Ultra Series to show her love for Ultraman.

P.S. She had voiced Pega in Geed, Seiji Hokuto in ULTRAMAN Anime.

So if have both Ultraman Cosmos & Ultraman Justice, can we expect Ultraman Legend in this? By the way, Ultraman Justice is appearing on screen after 17 years.

The next three after this are pretty legendary!!

Tomokazu Seki is going to my favorite Ultraman → Ultraman Great!

He also voices Glen Fire, but he is not in The Absolute Conspiracy this time.

Toshiyuki Morikawa is going to voice another one of my favorite Ultraman → Ultraman Powered!

He had also voiced Torin / Kyoryu Silver in Kyoryuger

If I haven't watched Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero 17 years back... then Nihon Hero wouldn't have existed.

Tomokazu Sugita is going to voice Space Fear-Demon Zett! Now that Sugita-san is going to voice Zett, then it means Zetton Army is going to be matchless!!

He had also voiced Ultraman Ginga and his alter-ego Dark Rugiel previously.

Haruka Tomatsu is going to play Ultrawoman Yullian!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know her? Come on...!!!

Ok. At least remember Canderilla from Kyoryuger?

Last but not the least! Junichi Suwabe as Absolute Tartarus! Ok. I don't know much of his works. But he is pretty famous voice actor! He voiced Lovelica though in Ex-Aid.

Let me know your thoughts of this cast list! Is it great? Is it awesome?

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