ULTRA REPLICA: Spark Lens 25th Anniversary ver. Reservations Open: Evil Tiga Sound Effects Included

Premium Bandai had revealed the features of the Ultra Replica: Spark Lens 25th Anniversary ver. which was announced last year.

They have reviewed the Wing part and the engraving. They had die casted the engravings. Improved the LED Light emission to light up similar to the one in the TV Series. The patterns on the grip have been reprinted by re-reviewing the pattern on the actual prop.

When it comes to the sound, there are three variations.

  1. Mode A "One who Inherits the Light" - When you reproduce the Transformation pose from TV Series, the Spark Lens will light up and produce the sound due the Motion Sensors present in it. By pressing the button, you can perform Type Change.

  2. Mode B "One who Inherits the Shadow" - This is the transformation mode for Evil Tiga. For those who not aware, to transform into Evil Tiga, Masaki had stolen the Spark Lens from Daigo. This is the first time, that they have input the transformation sequence sounds of Evil Tiga.

  3. Mode C "Second Coming of Light" - This mode produced the sounds of his appearance after Ultraman Dyna Series. Mostly referring to "Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna & Ultraman Gaia: Battle in Hyperspace" and "Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers".

There are 9 BGMs included from the Theme Songs. Too bad there are no V6 Songs.

Reservations starts from today till March 5th and to be delivered in July. Ultraman Trigger will start broadcasting in this time. Price for this is 11,000 yen.

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