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Ultra Z Riser Memorial Edition Announced

Commemorating the Finale of Ultraman Z, Premium Bandai had announced "ULTRAMAN Z ULTRA Z RISER MEMORIAL EDITION".

This Memorial Edition comes with Ultra Access Card Haruki Ver., Riku Ver. & Kaburagi Ver. with Ultraman Z Alpha Edge Medal, Beta Smash Medal, Gamma Future Medal, Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw RiseMedal & three Medals that can be used for Weapon Mode.

There are multiple gimmick upgrades to the Memorial Edition unlike the DX Version. Z will of course say "Goshowakudasai, Ware no Na wo! Ultraman Z!!" during transformation.

But it includes the dialogues of various characters of Ultraman Z. The list is below.

  1. Ultraman Z

  2. Haruki Natsukawa

  3. Riku Asakura

  4. Shinya Kaburagi

  5. Yoko Nakashima

  6. Shota Hebikura

  7. Yuka Ohta

  8. Kojiro Inaba

and it will also play the Opening Theme "Goshowakudasai Ware no Na wo!" & the four soundtracks "Theme of Alpha Edge", "Theme of Beta Smash", "Theme of Gamma Future" & "Theme of Delta Rise Claw".

Unlike DX Version Access Cards which were made to be used with Ultraman: Fusion Fight!, the Memorial Edition will have the exact replica of the Access Cards used in the TV Series.

Let's out miss out the fact that you are getting the Form Medals directly this time!

The price is 9350 Yen and you can Pre-Book the Memorial Z Riser now from P-Bandai! Booking will end on January 29th and will be delivered in May.

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