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Ultraman 55th Anniversary Logo Revealed + Ultraman HD Remaster 3.0 Announced

Ultraman Series will be celebrating their 55th Anniversary in the year 2021 and to kick off that, they have unveiled the Ultraman 55th Anniversary Logo. Considering their plan to reach Global fans with Tsuburaya Global, they have decided to keep the logo simple this time. Followed by the official ULTRAMAN Logo, inside the numbers 55 you can see the pics of Ultraman, Ultraman 80, Ultraman Leo, Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Jack and Ultraman Taro. They could have also incorporated Zoffy too.

To commemorate this, they have announced to release "ULTRAMAN ARCHIVES: Ultraman MovieNEX". Compared to Remaster 2.0 Box released in this decade, this new remaster box have enhanced quality which was not possible in the previous. They have referred this as Remaster 3.0.

  • This Remaster 3.0 Box will include a Premium Disc called "Ultra Revolution 1966: Advent of Giant Hero - Creation & Shocking"that will contain the interview of 69 Cast & Staff involved in the production of Ultraman.

  • Un-released Making Video is also HD Remastered and included in the Premium Disc. Ultraman's Suit Actor Bin Furuya will react to it and talk about the making.

  • Cisco's (nissin foods group) Ultraman Chocolate Commercial which was shown on TV during the Broadcast of Ultraman & Ultraseven.

  • Original Script will be included for all 39 episodes.

  • You can also unlock some digital contents from MovieNEX World.

This new Remaster 3.0 Box will be released this month on November 25.

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