Ultraman 55th Anniversary & TDG 25th Anniversary Promotional Video 2

Tsuburaya Productions has released a second promotional video for Ultraman 55th Anniversary & TDG 25th Anniversary. The Promotional Video starts of with a short clip of upcoming feature film Shin Ultraman where Shin Ultraman makes his first appearance followed by the scene from Ultraman Tiga where Eiji Tsuburaya meets original Ultraman.

It continues with the narrator saying "When I first saw Ultraman with my eyes, I felt like I have met God. I thought that he is the one who will lead the humanity to the correct path. But I was wrong. Ultraman is Light. He is a Person". This continues to a scene from Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna where the kid says "My elder brother said this once long back. Even I could become one as long as I don't give up. Everyone can become Light" and Rui Kisaragi saying "A person can become the light".

Though the video had multiple footages of all Ultraman from TV Series & Movies, the later part of the video focused on Ultraman Tiga's appearance in various series & movies, even consisting of scenes where his power is used like that in Ultraman Orb, Ultraman Z & more. Then moving to Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman's crossover episode.

At the end, a footage from Ultraman Trigger was played.

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