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Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey Episode 1 - They cut off all the Daigo Scenes! ONORE Johnny's!

Ok. After 2 weeks of wait, we are back in business. Saturday's and Sunday's won't be boring like last week.

Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey Episode 1: "Connect to TIGA" has been aired. Mamoru Miyano navigates the show as Ultraman Zero. The show starts with Ultraman Zero explaining about the Multiverse with the flashing back of the greatest threats, the defence teams and the heroes of those universe with Ultraman Zero standing with his disciple Ultraman Z & the Super Ancient Ultraman Tiga.

Voyager's Ultra Spiral gets used as Theme Song with many parallel scenes between Ultraman Z & Ultraman Tiga. Especially the scene where Tiga, Dyna & Gaia standing together in the Gaia movie with Z's Geed, Zero & Z standing together.

Though Daigo Madoka's (Hiroshi Nagano) scenes had to be cut off from the show completely. Well you know Johnny's Associates and their restrictions on the media to use idols' image without permission.

At least I liked the idea of Tsuburaya Productions using Masaki Keigo's (Evil Tiga) scenein the opening. So I would recommend that you don't miss the opening not matter what!

Considering the opening mentioned above, I am expecting that Tsuburaya would produce a Chronicle Z episode focusing on Masaki & Juggler in the same episode as they both represent the Shadow.

This episode of Chronicle Z looked back on the First Episodes of both the Ultraman where both the Human Host first became Ultraman and their fight. (Ultraman Z Episode 1: "Please Chant My Name!" & Ultraman Tiga Episode 1: "One Who Inherits the Light").

Re-watching Ultraman Z Episode 1 also made me realize that Tsuburaya was foreshadowing Ultraman Trigger almost 6 months back... Just Kidding...

Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey Episode 2 - "Growing Brave"

During the navigation Ultraman Zero had referred Ultraman Tiga as the pioneer of form changes. With that being said, the next episode will focus on Form Changes of both Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Z. The Episode is titled as "Growing Brave".

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