Ultraman Dyna Takeshi Tsuruno Performs the Theme Song of Zenkaiger: Next He Wants To Do Kamen Rider

There have been many Ultraman related things happening in Kiramager and Kamen Rider Saber recently. Today, it was announced that Ultraman Dyna's Actor Takeshi Tsuruno is going to perform the Theme Song of the Series. The title of the song is "Zenryoku Zenkai! Zenkaiger". Takeshi Tsuruno had commented that he had completed the song just yesterday. Takeshi Tsuruno had also did Ultraman's pose and mentioned 'Ultraman' multiple times in the press conference even though it's Toei's Press Conference. He had also commented that he also wants to do something with Kamen Rider next.

When Kazlaser was commenting that he wants to appear in Zenkaiger, Takeshi Tsuruno added that even he wants to appear in Zenkaiger as a Cast.

In the end, he was the "T.T." teased early.

By the way, they had announced only one theme song and this song will be opening. Looks like since Kamen Rider Saber has Ending Theme this time, Zenkaiger won't get an Ending Song this time.

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