Ultraman Geed's Zena Sempai & Moa Makes Cameo Appearance in Kamen Rider Saber

You can't say that you don't know them. Ultraman Geed's Moa & Zena Sempai makes a cameo appearance in today's Kamen Rider Saber with their kid. Yeah, both the actors Hideyoshi Iwata & Mayu Hasegawa (now Mayu Iwata) have married and they have given birth to their first child recently. Ultraman Geed's Main Director Koichi Sakamoto who is directing Kamen Rider Saber Episode 16 came to know about the birth of their first child. He immediately decided to offer both of them a role in Kamen Rider Saber to commemorate the birth.

Both of them will be acting together after 3 years since Geed.

For those still don't know about this fact even now. Zena Sempai is actually the main suit actor of Ultraman. His name is Hideyoshi Iwata.

The filming of their cameo scene was near the location and on the same day as the filming of Saber attacked by Sword of Logos Riders. So many of the Kamen Rider Staffs who are also the Big fans of Tokusatsu were really happy to witness the collaboration with Hideyoshi Iwata and family.

Even Iwata were happy to witness the filming of Kamen Riders for the first time so closely.

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