Ultraman Orb Heroine - Miyabi Matsuura Retires from Entertainment Industry

Actress Miyabi Matsuura who had played Naomi Yumeno in Ultraman Orb had announced that she will retire from the Acting Industry due her health issues and she will change job as Trimmer for dogs.

This was announced on her official blog & also on her Instagram.

Important Announcement Today January 31st 2021, I Miyabi Matsuura will retire from Acting Industry. My health hasn't been good for couple of years but last year 2020 the symptoms got worse. I have been into treatment for it, but I realized that it is impossible to cure myself while continuing the career as an Actress. Due to that I have decided to leave the Acting Industry. I will return back to my home and change job to become a Trimmer. All these times I have participated in protective dogs and cat activities, events and even donation activities. That activity had helped me in protecting my health. I've always wanted to know more about animals and I used to go to School where I used to learn about Trimming Dogs. I have graduated recently from here. Once I change the job, I want to think about the coexistence of humans with animals. My Ultimate goal is to reduce the pain given by humans to animals. Other than the above, I have one more movie left to be premiered. Because of COVID-19, the release date is not yet known. I am very sad not to be able to let you know about the info related to the movie. But I'll be happy if you see the movie once it gets released. I have come to Tokyo at the age of 17 and was here till 25. I have got to experience many important things. I am really thankful for all the people related to me, to all the fans who had supported me and also for their irreplaceable time. Miyabi Matsuura January 31st, 2021
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