Ultraman Ribut & Sora Focused Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama Announced

Ultraman Ribut & Sora became the Galaxy Rescue Force members in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. Both of them going to star in their own voice drama titled "Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama". The story of Voice Drama takes place behind Ultraman Trigger events and it will also feature Marluru.

Voice Actors Wataru Komada and Megumi Han are confirmed to reprise their respective roles as Ultraman Ribut & Sora. Junichiro Ashiki (Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy & Ultraman Trigger: NEW GENERATION TRIGGER) will be the screenwriter for this Voice Drama.

The show will be uploaded to Tsuburaya Productions' YouTube Channel every Saturday along with Ultraman Trigger: NEW GENERATION TRIGGER Episode.

It is not confirmed whether this Voice Drama has any relations with the upcoming Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Kingdom.

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