Ultraman Series Actor Sandayu Dokumamushi Now A YouTuber

Actor Sandayu Dokumamushi who is known for playing Daisuke Arashi in Ultraman (1966) & Shigeru Furuhashi in Ultraseven (1967) followed by reprisals in Heisei Ultraseven Series is now a YouTuber. He is currently aged 85 and in his first video, he did say that he doesn't understand YouTube much. He is being helped by his staff members.

In his videos, he invites some celeb friends as a guest and has a talk with them. The conversation takes place in a radio recording studio and it is presented to the audience in a podcast style.

In his first video, he invites his fellow co-star from both Ultraman & Ultraseven - Bin Furuya. Bin Furuya was the suit actor of Ultraman in the original Ultraman series and played Amagi in Ultraseven.

They talk about their past like Bin Furuya meeting his wife, their experience when they were working for Toho, Takarazuka, Ultraman, the American & Japanese actors who inspired them and much more stuff. To date, there are three videos where Bin Furuya appears as a guest.

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