Ultraman Tiga Is Now The Brand Ambassador of OnePlus 9R

Ultraman Tiga is officially announced as the Brand Ambassador of OnePlus 9R. As part of the collaboration OnePlus mobile had announced that they are going to release co-branded versions of OnePlus 9R.

(Source: RealmiCentral, iPhoneWired)

While I was searching for the sources to get me some information on this collaboration. I saw most of the sources were referring Ultraman Tiga as "Tiga Ultraman". I thought it's really a strange way to refer any Ultraman like that.

Anyway, Ultraman Tiga will also appear in two commercials and those are below. In the first teaser video, you can also see one of the GUTS plane crashed into a building. In the actual commercial, you'll get to see a kid who is watching the battle between Golza & Ultraman Tiga from TV Series. Golza appears behind the kid to scare him followed by Ultraman Tiga appearing to save the kid.


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