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Ultraman Trigger August Scans, Episode Titles and Synopsis

Uchusen Magazine scan had revealed that when Ultraman Z meets Ultraman Trigger for the first time, he says "Nice to Meet you. I am Ultraman". He says the "Nice to meet you" part in English and not Japanese. Wonder if Ultraman Trigger is a foreign for Ultraman Z.

Both Akito and Kengo will be pulled into Ultraman Z's Inner Space. Both Haruki & Z will bow to them.

Looks like a new tradition is being followed in Ultra Series where the Sempais bow to their Kouhais.

  • Special Episodes

Air Date - August 7 & 14

  • Episode 5: "Akito's Promise"

Air Date - August 21

Screenplay - Toshizou Nemoto

Director - Masayoshi Takesue

Kaiju Desdorago appears in Kurara City. He was the first Kaiju who had appeared before humanity.

  • Episode 6: "Devil of One Hour"

Air Date - August 28

Screenplay - Toshizou Nemoto

Director - Masayoshi Takesue

The strange Robot Kaiju that had appeared from space defeats Ultraman Trigger badly. Humanity had no way to defeat it.

A new scan of Oka-Gubira, the Ancient Underground Beast.

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