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Ultraman Trigger Character Song Mini Album Announced

Ultraman Trigger Character Song Mini Album has been announced to be released on November 3rd. This is going a Physical CD release via Lantis. Digital Release information still hasn't been announced.

The Character Song Mini Album will include five of the characters from Ultraman Trigger. But there are seven songs in the Mini Album. So it's not yet known whether there will be two surprise characters who will appear in the series who will sing the other two tracks.

Here's the list of characters participating in the Mini Album,

  • Kengo Manaka (Raiga Terasaka)

  • Yuna Shizuma (Runa Toyoda)

  • Shunya Kaneko (Akito Hijiri)

  • Ignis (Kei Hosogai)

  • Marluru (MAO)

  • & others.

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