Ultraman Trigger Scans: New Details on Dark Giants and Kengo's Mother - Reina

  • Carmeara had destroyed a Super-Ancient Civilization 30 million years back. She was sealed by Ultraman Trigger. When she was revived in the present, she says "I was expecting a more passionate reunion! Will take my 30 million years of feelings?" by looking at Trigger.

  • Darrgon can control monsters like Golba. In his fight with Ultraman Trigger, he says "It's a pleasure to fight with my rival".

  • Hudram has the ability to tune his vocal cords that allows talking in human language. In his fight with Ultraman Trigger, he says "Excellent. I came to know that it is a good way to promote awakening".

Actress Megumi Yokoyama (SEDAI WARS) is going to play Kengo Manaka's mother - Reina Manaka in the series. I think it's Koichi Sakamoto's recommendation to involve in Ultraman Trigger after working with her in SEDAI WARS Drama.

New scan of Golba

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