Ultraman Trigger Episode 1 Easter Eggs & References

Carmeara's Pose

Carmeara who was sealed and floating in space has taken up a similar pose as her Ultraman Tiga counterpart - Camearra. Will the other two Dark Giants of Ultraman Trigger also have a similar pose as their Ultraman Tiga counterparts?


Kengo Manaka who is Botanist had raised a flower on Mars and he names this flower "R'lyeh". This is the same name as ruins that appeared in Ultraman Tiga where the three Dark Giants and other Ultra-Ancient Ultras were sealed to statues. It is not yet known what relation this flower R'lyeh has with the ruins of R'lyeh.

R'lyeh is number 3 and this is a reference to Ultraman Tiga whose name means "Three" in Malay.


Ultraman Trigger has its own counterpart for Ultraman Tiga's Yuzare. An Ultra-Ancient priestess who fought Dark Giants in the past. She appears before Kengo in the present Mars and tells him "You are light" unveiling a vision to him. In Ultraman Tiga, Yuzare was an ancestor of Captain Iruma. Considering that Ultraman Trigger's Yuzare is played by Yuna Shizuma's actress - Runa Toyoda. She could be an ancestor of Yuna Shizuma.

Ultraman Trigger the Giant of Darkness

The vision shown by Yuzare to Kengo features an Ultra-Ancient Ultra in shadows. Kengo refers to him as "Giant of Darkness". His Zeperion Beam is red and black colored. This could possibly be the dark form of Ultraman Trigger before he inherited the light similar to Tiga Dark. Compared to a normal Ultraman Trigger suit, the eyes of this Ultra in the vision is a bit different.


In Ultraman Tiga, the three Ultra-Ancient Warriors which includes Ultraman Tiga were sealed inside a Golden Pyramid. Ultraman Trigger is also sealed inside a Pyramid. But on Mars. This is also with his weapon - Circle Arms. There were no other Ultras that were sealed with him.

For some reason, the Ultraman Trigger's Pyramid on mars is inverted with three layers.

Golza & Melba's Attack

Golba - the fusion of Golza and Melba had appeared and terrorized the ruins on Mars. He was controlled by the Dark Giants to attack the Pyramid on Mars which contained sealed Ultraman Trigger. This was a reference to Ultraman Tiga's Golza and Melba attacking the Pyramid of Tiga and destroying their statues.

Ultraman Tiga's Existence

Mitsukuni Shizuma tells Kengo about Ultraman Tiga while referring to him as 'the one who opened up his destiny'. Ultraman Trigger takes place in a different universe from that of Ultraman Tiga or any other Ultraman universe where Tiga had appeared. So why & how does he know about Ultraman Tiga?

Ultraman Trigger's Original Host

We get to see the glimpse of the Ultra-Ancient warrior who transformed into Ultraman Trigger in the past using Ancient Sparklence.

Doll Blast

Tsuburaya Productions always had its unique way to produce Tokusatsu. In today's episode, Koichi Sakamoto and staff bring us back the so-called 'Doll Blast' technique in the destruction scene of a monster. We haven't seen this one in any of the New Generation Heroes series and as per some of the fans it was last used in Ultraman Mebius.

Yuzare Ring

When Kengo was attacked by Carmeara, Yuzare uses her Ring to generate Shields and because of the special effects, it kinda reminded me of Kamen Rider Wizard.

Tsuburaya just calls it as 'Yuzare's Ring' and it has diamond-shaped after Ultraman Trigger's color timer.

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