Ultraman Trigger July Episode Titles, Synopsis & Scans

As per the scan, someone in the show will say the line "Giant of Light...... So there is Ultraman in this world". Well based on the initial details of the Ultraman Trigger show, it was known that it is Ultraman Trigger's story that takes place in a different universe. That's also different from that of Ultraman Tiga. Then how does the person who said the above line know about the existence of Ultraman? Does Ultraman's presence was passed on as folklore in this universe?

By the way, these are episode titles and the synopsis for Ultraman Trigger's July episodes. Episode 1: "The One Who Connects the Light"

Air Date - July 10

Director - Koichi Sakamoto

Screenplay - Naoki Hayashi

Kengo Manaka who lives on Mars is troubled by a strange dream. That time a monster appears on Mars for the first time.

Episode 2: "Flight Towards the Future"

Air Date - July 17

Director - Koichi Sakamoto

Screenplay - Naoki Hayashi

Kengo Manaka (Ultraman Trigger) who had joined GUTS-SELECT is surprised to meet the members who have unique personalities. GUTS Falcon makes the first flight.

Episode 3: "Super-Ancient Light & Darkness"

Air Date - July 24

Director - Koichi Sakamoto

Screenplay - Naoki Hayashi

Yuna Shizuma is attacked by Aliens! Akito Hijiri & Kengo Manaka guard her. But something happens to her.

Episode 4: "For Smile"

Air Date - July 31

Director - Masayoshi Takesue

Screenplay - Toshizou Nemoto

Ruins of a Super-Ancient Civilization have been excavated and being investigated. Ignis appears over there.

  • TPU was formed to defend against the monsters who have attacked the earth six years back.

  • When Marluru encounters Kengo for the first time, he says "I am cute? Don't joke with me! For now, I will praise you for not being scared of me".

  • Akito is the one who had created the Gadgets and the Ride Mechas for the Team. He is still a High schooler like Yuna.

  • The flower which Kengo is holding is something that he tried to grow on Mars soil. It showed growth only once and stopped. Because of the monster's attack on Mars and his decision to go to earth, he had bought the flower with him. He names the flower "Ruruie" or "R'lyeh".

  • It's the same name as the Super-Ancient Ruins that appeared in Ultraman Tiga where the Three Dark Giants were sealed. The scan also questions how the ruins of R'lyeh are connected to the Flower R'lyeh in this show.

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