Ultraman Trigger News: Forms, Weapon, Henshin Item, Human Host & Actor

A Giant of Light revived after millennia. As well as his Multi Type natural form, he can Type Change into a Power Type form which is specialized for fighting with great strength on land and a Sky Type form that is specialized for aerial combat and agility. He wields the sacred weapon Circle Arms in battle. Height: 53m. Weight: 44,000 tons. (*Same in every form)

Ultraman Trigger Multi Type

Ultraman Trigger’s natural form that balances both speed and power. Whether on land, sea, or air, he can engage with a multitude of fighting styles.

His special move is the Zeperion Beam. When he wields the sacred weapon Circle Arms, he primarily uses it in Multi Sword form.

Ultraman Trigger Power Type

Ultraman Trigger’s Power Type form focuses on raw power. It works well in hand-to-hand combat against a heavyweight foe. His special move is the Deracium Beam Torrent. When wielding the Circle Arms, he primarily uses it in Power Claw form.

Ultraman Trigger Sky Type

Ultraman Trigger’s most agile form, he becomes able to utilize quick movements to attack. It is best used against monsters that can fly, battles in the air, or high-speed combat. His special move is the Runboldt Beam Shell. When wielding the Circle Arms, he primarily uses it in Sky Arrow form.

Transformation Item “GUTS Sparklence”

The GUTS Sparklence is an item made based on analysis of an artifact unearthed at the ancient civilization’s ruins and using scientific methods to create a replica.

Usually in its Hyper Gun mode it is used as a ranged weapon, but when monsters appear and the power of light is needed, Kengo Manaka converts the GUTS Sparklence into its Sparklence mode, loads it with the GUTS Hyper Key, and by pulling the trigger held skywards he transforms into Ultraman Trigger.

Raiga Terasaka as Kengo Manaka / Ultraman Trigger

The protagonist of the show, he transforms into Ultraman Trigger. He’s 21 years old. With a sociable, kind, and hard-working personality, he has a fiery sense of justice that compels him to fight to protect humanity’s smiling faces.

He lived peacefully as a botanist on the Mars colony until the day he had a fateful encounter with the Giant of Light. Although feeling uncertain with the sudden changes that are happening to him, he heads to Earth to become the newest recruit of the expert team “GUTS-Select”.

Actor's Profile

Inspired by hero media, he entered the entertainment industry. In 2014, he debuted as an understudy in the popular Nagoya-based group “BOYS AND MEN”. In 2017, he was among the understudy members chosen to form “Matsuri nine.” and joined as its leader. Incorporating skillful acrobatics with his singing and dancing, he performs not just at live concerts but also on variety shows and other TV appearances. He is also the star of two movies.

Comment by the Actor

"Nice to meet you!

I’m Raiga Terasaka, playing protagonist Kengo Manaka.

It was always my biggest dream to be a hero, and so I am so happy and honored to be able to protect people’s smiling faces through playing Ultraman!

As the story develops, we can see Kengo grow and enjoy the eccentric characters in his team. It’s a series that can be enjoyed by parents, children, and all generations of fan. The series reminds us of the light of hope that we all carry inside of us.

I think this series will make you see that light and bring a smile to your face!

I am smiling just thinking of all those waiting eagerly for Ultraman Trigger. Smiling, smiling!"

(Source: Tsuburaya Productions, Ultraman Galaxy)

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