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Ultraman Trigger's Final Form is Eternal Flash & Not Glitter Trigger Eternity?

BigBadToyStore had listed some new Ultraman Trigger toys on their website. The list matches with the Toy Leaks which came out in July. "Ultraman Ultra Monster Series No.157 Darebolic", "Ultraman DX Super Key (Ultraman Ribut Form)", "Ultraman Ultra Monster Series EX Absolute Diabolo", "Ultraman Ultra Hero Series Ultraman Astra" were listed. There is also a listing of "Ultraman Ultra Hero Series New Ultraman" which I assume is referring to Ultraman Regulos.

But doesn't seem to match is the Glitter Form or Final Form name of Ultraman Trigger. The toy listing had called it "Glitter Trigger Eternity" which uses "Trigger Glitter Sword" & "GUTS Hyper Key - Glitter Eternity". But BigBadToyStore had listed it as "Ultraman Trigger Ultra Hero Series Ultraman Trigger (Eternal Flash Form)", "Ultraman Trigger DX Flash Sword", "Ultraman DX GUTS Super Key (Eternal Flash Form)". So which one is the Final Form name now? Glitter Trigger Eternity? or Trigger Eternal Flash Form?

Eternal Flash Form seems to be taken from Ultraman Dyna.

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