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Ultraman Trigger's TPU & GUTS-SELECT Founding Story

TPU or Terrestrial Peaceable Union is the organization which is introduced in Ultraman Trigger and it is the counterpart of Ultraman Tiga's TPC or Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium.

Tsuburaya had described it's founding story as,

The Sizuma Foundation, a global mega-conglomerate leading the way even in space exploration. On one of their research missions, the Foundation’s leader, Chairman Mitsukuni, discovered a dark power threatening peace in the universe. In an effort to counter this grave danger, he worked to unite national governments across the planet, and the resulting organization came to be called the TPU (Terrestrial Peaceable Union). Headquartered in Japan, the TPU is comprised of its North America Branch, Paris Branch, Sydney Branch, and locations in various nations around the world. The Japan Headquarters is home to Global Unlimited Task Squad, known as “GUTS-Select,” an expert team specializing in anti-monster operations.
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