Ultraman Trigger Scans: Crossover with Z, Trigger Has It's Own Version of Yuzare & more

Ultraman Z was chasing Barossa Seijin the Fourth and during the chase, he ends up in Ultraman Trigger's universe. Both of them will team up to defeat Ba-Ba-Barossa!!! 9996 left to go!

OkaGubila who is going to appear in Ultraman Trigger is the relative of Gubila. They live under the sea. They have evolved and appeared on land now.

Ultraman Trigger will have its own version of Yuzare. She is the priestess who fought the Dark Giants 30 million years back. Looks like Yuzare will be played by Yuna Shizuma's actress - Runa Toyoda in this series.

This artifact will be called Ancient Sparklence. It's a super-ancient artifact based on which the GUTS Sparklence was developed.

Gazort is confirmed to appear and Ultraman Trigger Sky Type will fight him.

Some more scans of Ultraman Trigger fighting Golba, Gymaira, OkaGubila and the Three Dark Giants

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