Ultraman Trigger Scans: Finisher Beam, Attacks, Circle Arms Finisher & more

Ultraman Trigger when he uses Circle Arms has it's own set of Finisher. 1. Multi Type - Zeppelion Sword Finish He can cut the enemy in half with this

2. Power Type - Deracium Claw Impact Trigger inserts the Circle Arms (Claw mode) on earth which generates seismic waves which attacks the enemies.

3. Sky Type - Runboldt Arrow Strike Beam is emitted from the Circle Arms in Arrow mode.

First Scan of Ultraman Trigger where he is performing his Zepellion Beam on Tyrant. He has a attack called Trigger Hand Slash which you can see the half of it on the top left.

Another silhouette of the three Dark Giants of Trigger.

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