Ultraman Trigger Spin-Off "Secret Origins of the Nursedessei" Trailer

Takaya Room #2 which streamed today gave us the first look at Ultraman Trigger's Spin-off "Secret Origins of the Nursedessei – The Struggle of Special Section 3" by releasing the Trailer. (The video is region restricted and hence you would require to use a VPN to watch it)

The spin-off is going to be comedic and it will focus on Marluru. But it will feature two special characters Masmichi Hotta & Terumi Yazaki who work for TPU. Eventually, the three will end up developing Nursedessei which will become the mothership of Ultraman Trigger's defense team GUTS-SELECT.

The spin-off will bring in some interesting funny characters like Alien Magma, a green-colored Alien who looks like delivering Lunch for the TPU Staff.

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