Ultraman Trigger Toy Listing Leaked Points at Ultraman Z Crossover

Ultraman Trigger Toy Listing released has also listed King Joe Storage Custom. Could this point at crossover between Ultraman Z & Ultraman Trigger in TV Series? By the way, they will also be Ultraman Z Hyper Key which will be released.

The list had also revealed the titles of the three new Dark Giants.

  • Youkai Warrior Carmila

  • Rigid Fighter Dargon

  • Agile Tactician Hudrum

Some other monsters which are going to appear in the series.

  1. Gazoto

  2. Powered Dada

  3. Gargorgon

  4. Zaragas

Nursedyssey-gou comes with an item called Live Camera Head Is this a robot built by GUTS-Select?

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