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Ultraman Trigger Trio - Kengo, Yuna & Akito To Sing 2nd Ending Theme

Today there was a special Online Event streamed on the TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION platform which welcomed Raiga Terasaki (Kengo Manaka / Ultraman Trigger) & Kohshu Hirano (Haruki Natsukawa / Ultraman Z) to watch the crossover episodes - Ultraman Trigger Episode 7 & 8.

In the event, it was announced Ultraman Trigger characters Kengo Manaka (CV. Kengo Manaka), Yuna Shizuma (CV. Runa Toyoda) & Akito Hijiri (CV. Shunya Kaneko) will perform the 2nd Ending Theme of the show. The title is "Ashita miru Mono-tachi" (Those who see tomorrow). This could be released as a CD on November 24. But no digital release has been announced yet.

By the way, when it comes to the online event. I know most us don't have the access to TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION as it is region restricted. But Tsuburaya Productions won't make us sad!! They have revealed that this online event will be uploaded on Tsuburaya's Official Ultraman YouTube Channel on September 16 at 6:30 PM JST.

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