Ultraman Trigger & Ultra Galaxy Fight 3 Leaks from Toy Listing

Ultraman Trigger TV Series & Ultra Galaxy Fight - The Kingdom's (title not confirmed yet) Toy Listing surfaced 5ch recently. The list revealed some details about Ultraman Trigger's Glitter Form, Transformation Item, name of Absolutian & Monsters.

The Glitter Form is listed as Glitter Trigger Eternity. To transform into this, he will use Trigger Glitter Sword & GUTS Hyper Key - Glitter Eternity.

Ultraman Regulus and Astra were also listed. So Regulus might be one more survivor of L77 - Home Planet of Ultraman Leo & Astra. Absolute Diabolo is one of the names of the Absolutian who will appear in The Kingdom. There was also GUTS Hyper Key Ultraman Ribut. But it is not sure if this will ever appear in TV Series or The Kingdom.

Here's the list of monsters which are listed.

  • Deabolic (from Ultraman Orb the Movie)

  • Nurse

  • Metsu Orga (New)

  • Metsu Orochi (New: Variation of Maga Orochi?)

  • Barigailer

  • Abolas

  • Banila

  • Karakuri Masashin

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