Ultraman Z Cast Are Back in New Mini Series "Sevenger Fight"

Ultraman Z stands as the only recent Ultraman Series that hasn't got the Movie Adaptation even though it had lot of popularity whether in Japan or in Overseas. It's sad, but true. But hey! You know what! Tsuburaya Productions is bringing back the cast in their new Mini Series "Sevenger Fight".

Sevenger Fight is inspired by Tsuburaya's oldest work - Ultra Fight when you will witness the Ultra Hero fighting monsters in a place where both look like they are human sized. Just as the title, the series is focused on Sevenger and it will depict the untold stories of Sevenger.

This can be streamed on Subscription based online platform "TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION" which was announced as part of Ultraman 55th Anniversary just yesterday.

Kohshu Hirano (Haruki Natsukawa / Ultraman Z), Rima Matsuda (Yoko Nakashima), Hikari Kuroki (Yuka Ohta) & Takaya Aoyagi (Hebikura Shota / Jugglus Juggler) will reprise their roles as voice. Kohshu, Rima & Hikari will pilot Sevenger and hence provide the voice when Sevenger is fighting. Kohshu will also voice Ultraman Z Beta Smash who was seen in the trailer. Takaya Aoyagi will voice Jugglus Juggler in transformed form.

This is directed by of course Ultraman Z's Main Director - Kiyotaka Taguchi. Here's what he had commented about Sevenger Fight's idea and production.

"When we were filming Ultraman Z Episode 3's Sevenger Vs Gigas at Iwafuneyama, I said this thing half jokingly and half seriousness - "Wouldn't it be good to see a Mini Series where Sevenger is struggling and fighting against multiple attractful monsters". At the same time, Tsuburaya Productions were planning to setup a new streaming platform and Shogakukan which everyone is aware of, were searching for an idea saying "Isn't there any plot?".

I said let's do "Sevenger Fight"!

Surprisingly no one stopped us. (No, it's because Ashiki Producer did his best!)

The plans proceeded rapidly and in the mid-November we were near to finishing up the story. We were once again there at Iwafuneyama.

Of course the idea is taken from Ultra Fight, but it isn't a parody. It's a New Mini Series which has inherited it's Spirit. We created this with seriousness as the hybrid of the world which we created in Ultraman Z. It has a unique taste.

So please watch it while holding your favourite drink, sitting with warm feelings."

So the first seven episodes is already available for streaming on TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION & three additional episodes will be available as Bonus Contents in Shogakukan's "Ultraman Z Complete - Super Complete Works: Storage Box" (Booking starts from April). Each episode will be 5 minutes in length.

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