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Ultraman Z EP 15,16,17,18,19 Pics: Delta Rise Claw Debut in EP 15, Barossa Seijin Returns & more!

Episode 15

Ultraman Z's Debut is going to be in Episode 15 and it will be actually night scene.

Hebikura-san is going to transform into his Majin-tai in this Episode.

Episode 16

Horoboros is going to be the enemy in Episode 16.

It looks like this episode will focus on Yuka and her love for monsters.

Episode 17

Barossa Seijin's Brother whose existence was revealed at the end of Episode 10 is going to appear on earth. Z will fight him as Delta Rise Claw. Will Barossa Seijin try to steal Beliarok?

Wait! is that the actual size of Beliarok that Haruki will use in the Heroes Dimension? Too small. But that's how it has been. Look at that sword and compare that will Juggler's sword.

Episode 18

Kemurjin will be the monster appearing in this episode.

This woman seeking help from Haruki might be Kemurjin in disguise.

Episode 19

Ace nii-san is going to appear on earth and Ultraman Z Beta Smash who uses Ace's medal will fight along with him.

What is Haruki thinking about? Did Z reveal something shocking?

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