Ultraman Z Episode 16: "Voice of Lion" Trailer & Episode Guide

Air Date - October 10

Screenplay - Yuji Kobayashi

Director - Yasushi Ochi

Horoboros the monster which Yuka Ohta had seen in her childhood had awaken from his deep sleep. Horoboros is rampaging across the city and to calm him down Yuka has to decipher the mysterious words written in Ancient Text Books.

While she is working on decipher, Shinya Kaburagi / Cerebro enhances Horoboros using the Medal of Galactron & Gilbaris. The resulting form is Metsuboros.

Both the words "Metsu" & "Horobi" literally means the same thing. That is destruction. Kanjis of both are written using the same character → 滅.

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