Ultraman Z Episode 17, 18, 19 & 20 Titles Revealed → Ultra Q's Kemurjin Episode Gets a Sequel

Episode 17: "Voice of Lion"

Air Date - October 10

Director - Yasushi Ochi

Screenplay - Yuji Kobayashi

Horoboros appears in this episode and it seems like Yuka had seen this monster before which inspired her to work as a Monster researcher.

Episode 18: "Beliarok"

Air Date - October 17

Director - Yasushi Ochi

Screenplay - Takao Nakano

Barossa Seijin Appears to steal Beliarok. Juggler also appears.

Episode 19: "Re-Challenge from the Year 2020"

Air Date - October 24

Director - Takanori Tsujimoto

Screenplay - Jun Tsugita

This episode might be an indirect sequel to Ultra Q's "Challenge from the Year 2020" episode.

Episode 20: "Last Warrior"

Air Date - October 31

Director - Takanori Tsujimoto

Screenplay - Shizou Nemoto

Ultraman Ace appears to fight Baraba along with Ultraman Z Beta Smash.

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