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Ultraman Z Episode 20, 21, 22 Synopsis: Ultroid Zero to Debut in EP 21, Juggler Makes His Move?

Special Episode: "Connecting the Master & Pupil"

Air Date - November 7

Young Warrior - Ultraman Z looks back into the battles to understand the preciousness of comrades. We will get to look into the Kouhais of Ultraman Zero with whom he had formed bond with.

Episode 20: "Feelings and Beyond"

Air Date - November 14

Screenplay - Yuji Kobayashi

Director - Masayoshi Takesue

STORAGE's Maintenance Team Leader Kojiro Inaba's daughter Ruri Inaba had created an Artificial Lifeform called M1. But due to an problem, M1 turns into a giant. Storage will do their best to bring him back to normal

Episode 21: "D4"

Air Date - November 21

Screenplay - Satoshi Suzuki

Director - Masayoshi Takesue

Using the Fourth Dimensional Energy left by Yapool, Storage will create an new weapon called D4. It is too powerful!

Ultroid Zero might appear in this episode.

Episode 22: "Everyone's Tomorrow"

Air Date - November 28

Screenplay - Sotaro Hayashi

Director - Koichi Sakamoto

Haruki Natsukawa (Ultraman Z) & Yoko Nakashima are taking a break and are walking in the streets. An Alien suddenly appears before them! On the other hand Shota Hebikura (Jugglus Juggler) goes Dark!

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