Ultraman Z Episode 23, 24 & 25 (Final) Synopsis

Ultraman Z Episode 23: "Prelude to Nightmare"

Air Date - December 5

Screenplay - Kota Fukihara

Director - Koichi Sakamoto

Yoko Nakashima gets selected as the Pilot of Ultroid Zero. Many monsters including Gesura and Takkong appear in many places of the city on the day of boot up.

Ultraman Z Episode 24: "Game towards Destruction"

Air Date - December 12

Screenplay - Kota Fukihara

Director - Kiyotaka Taguchi

Cerebro had started his final plan. Jugglus Juggler also makes his move. Everyone's motive clash and the situation turns into worst case.

Ultraman Z Episode 25: "Warriors Shining Far Away"

Air Date - December 19

Screenplay - Kota Fukihara

Director - Kiyotaka Taguchi

The Final Episode that depicts the destruction of humanity. Haruki Natsukawa & Ultraman Z stand up and fight against the reality which is now a nightmare.

In the scan, Haruki, Yuka & Hebikura are seen doing parade with Storage flag in the back. But where is Yoko? Is she piloting Ultroid Zero? Will she be defeating the final monster?

Ultraman Z Special Episode 3: "Re:Storage"

Air Date - December 26

Once we'll get to look back at the Ultraman Z & Storage's fight through out the series.

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