Ultraman Z Final & The Absolute Conspiracy Scans: Ultroid Zero Turns Into Destrodos

Ultroid Zero who was once believed (just a month back) to be an ally of Storage ends up transforming into the Final Boss → Destrodos.

Ultroid Zero ends up absorbing the power of all the Kaiju Medals and transforms into this. Of course it's Cerebro who caused it.

When it comes to the Destrodos' suit... it has elements of many monsters because I was only able to recognize the Red King's part in the back.

Speaking of Red King... Ultraman Z will try to protect the Egg of Red King which appeared in the mid season.

New scans from The Absolute Conspiracy

  1. Ken and Belial fighting Emperor Seijin in the Ultra Great War.

  2. Andro Melos is now the member of Galaxy Rescue Force.

  3. For some reason Ultraman Tregear is fighting Hunter Knight Tsurugi. So Tregear turned evil very recently?

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