Ultraman Z Gets Listed in Top 100 Internet Buzzwords!

Ever since 2018, Japanese video platform Niconico Video have been conducting "Net Trend 100" which they pick up the top 100 Internet Buzzwords. They have held this even this year and you know what! Ultraman Z the trendiest Tokusatsu of the year gets listed in the Top 10 in the list!

Just to be clear. The buzzwords are not taken from Twitter trends, instead it is calculated based on the number of access to the pages of Niconico Pedia and Pixiv encyclopedia.

So "Ultraman Z" is listed in the sixth position and the director Kiyotaka Taguchi had appeared at the event to receive this award. That's not all!

Jugglus Juggler's "Hebikura Shota" gets listed at 45th position.

"Mashin Sentai Kiramager" which is also directed by Ultraman Z's Kiyotaka Taguchi has been listed at 87th position.

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