Ultraman Z Scans: Ace Uses Ace Blade, Double Beam Attack with Z, Z Loses Beliarok & more

Ultraman Ace will use his rare Ace Blade after so many years from TV Series and Ultraman Z will use Z Lance Arrow to fight against Baraba. I didn't knew that Ace had the sword till I saw today's scans then googled it.

In the end, Ultraman Ace & Ultraman Z will use double beam attack to defeat Baraba. Their victory scene will be with Sunset.

Battle with Beliarok will be pretty cool, but it looks like Ultraman Z will lose his new sword the very 3rd episode from the debut and this will be stolen by Barossa Seijin the 2nd.

Can we really trust Belial-sama with Z?

We really need to see Ultra Q's Kemurjin episode before we seen Ultraman Z's Kemurjin Episode because there is going to be many references from the Ultra Q. Ferris Wheel is one of them.

Kemurjin in Ultraman Z has his body getting old and needs to replace his body with a human body.

So in October we are going to the following monsters

Episode 15 - Greeza (2nd Stage)

The reason for his appearance is caused by Ultraman Z defeating Bulton.

Episode 16 - Horoboros

Episode 17 - Barossa Seijin

Episode 18 - Kemurjin

Episode 19 - Baraba

Appearance Episode unknown - Pagos & Bemstar

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