Ultraman Z Scans: Ultroid Zero the Final Robo!, Barossa is Back So Is Sevenger!, M1 Out of Control!

Long awaited Ultroid Zero is finally here!!

Motif is of course Ultraman Zero, but it's actually the Storage's Ultimate Robot which was created using the Battle data of Ultraman(s) and King Joe. He has so many abilities that will surpass even Ultraman Z.

He has a giant Orb on his Chest called D4 which will emit D4 Ray that can completely annihilate any enemies.

Well Barossa Family doesn't seem to stop. The third brother arrives, but this time they have King Joe Storage Custom, Windom and guess what!! SEVENGER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder who will pilot all three. Even Haruki is seen transformed into Ultraman Z Beta Smash... so Hebikura, Yuka and Yoko are in that?

By the way, Artificial Lifeform M1 is going to appear... yeah another Ultra Q Monster!!! and he isn't actually an threat to humanity. He was created by professor Ruri Inaba. Wait! Inaba? Kojiro Inaba's Daughter?

So M1 was trying to understand humans and he was human sized. But to due an Electric Shock, he turns giant and gets out of control. King Joe and Windom are trying their best to get him back to normal.

So other monsters who are going to appear this month are,

  1. Cherubim jr. - Cherubim is an Ultraman Mebius monster and making appearance after Ultraman Orb. They call it Junior, but I don't see any difference with the regular Cherubim.

  2. Golza & Sadora - These two will become Victims of Ultroid Zero, sadly...

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