Ultraman Z & Zero Voice Drama #18: "Train Your Head!"

So Ultraman Z speaks with Ultraman Zero about how he failed in GK due to an question to identify Kemurjin among Kemurjin and Zetton Seijin who look exactly similar (due to the fact that it's basically the redesign of Kemurjin suit). He blames only that question for failing.

But Zero suspects how can only one question related to Kemurjin make him fail in GK. That's when the truth comes out. Z was weak in GK. So he asks Zero what he would have done. For that Zero admits that it's unfair, but he was pretty good in combat so he didn't think too much.

Zero suggests to learn things from Ultraman Hikari. But the way Hikari teaches will be too complex to understand. Then he suggests to learn from Ultraman 80 as he was a Middle School teacher when on Earth. Z admits that 80 will teach him much better than Zero would... That's where Zero gets shocked and gets a bit angry...

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