Ultraman Zero Blu-ray BOX Announced: All Three Zero Human Hosts Return

To commemorate Ultraman Zero 10th Anniversary, Tsuburaya is releasing Ultraman Zero Blu-ray Box which consists of Three Movies, Two Gaiden where Ultraman Zero was featured and Ultra Zero Fight.

  • Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy

  • Ultraman Zero: Revenge of Movie

  • Ultraman Saga

  • Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero Vs Darklops Zero STAGE I / STAGE II

  • Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar STAGE I / STAGE II

  • Ultra Zero Fight

In this "Ultraman Zero Vs Darklops Zero" & "Ultra Zero Fight" will be released in HD for the first time. Ultraman Saga's Director Cut will also be released for the first time.

That's not all! Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy will come with a 10th Anniversary Edition Bonus Disc which will contain the new Interviews with Cast & Staff which includes Mamoru Miyano (Voice of Ultraman Zero), Shota Minami (Rei / Reimon), Yu Koyanagi (Ran / Ultraman Zero), DAIGO (Taiga Nozomu / Ultraman Zero / Ultraman Saga), Yuta Ozawa (Reito Igaguri / Ultraman Zero).

Tatsuomi Hamada (Nao in Ultraman Zero: Revenge of Belial / Riku Asakura → Ultraman Geed) had also returned to narrate the Promo along with his co-star Yu Koyanagi.

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