Voice Actor Tetsu Inada Wants Ultraman Legend in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Voice Actor Tetsu Inada who you might know for his legendary Sentai role as Doggie Krugger / Deka Master had come to know that Ultraman Justice is going to appear in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy after yesterday's Mega Cast Announcement! After hearing this news he tweeted on his Twitter as if questioning if Ultraman Legend is going to appear in this.


If Ultraman Justice is going to appear! Then Legend? #UltraGalaxyFight.

Well if you don't know, then let me tell you that Tetsu Inada is the voice actor of both Ultraman Cosmos & Ultraman Legend.

Tetsu Inada have been voicing pretty big bad guys in all three Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and also the good ones although a bit rare. But the good ones which he voice are pretty legendary! He had also voiced Kamen Rider 1 when Hiroshi Fujioka is absent.

With appearance of both Cosmos & Justice in The Absolute Conspiracy, even I had the thought about Ultraman Legend's appearance. It seems to be a big surprise which Tsuburaya is hiding. Even both Cosmos & Justice were never seen in the teaser. They just popped up with yesterday's announcement. That's not all! With Megumi Han voicing Justice, this means their presence in The Absolute Conspiracy is pretty important.

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