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Vulcan & Valkyrie New Stills & Synopsis: Fuwa Asks Izu's Help, Yua's College Days, Fight Scenes

Fuwa will reach out to Izu to fix his Shotriser.

Well get to see a glimpse into Yua's past. Especially during her University days. Probably we'll get to know how she got into A.I.M.S.

Gai Amatsu & A.I.M.S. Soldiers are seen in the rubble. Probably this is the continuation from movie Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai's last scene. Maybe Gai was still inside ZAIA Enterprise when ZAIA HQ was destroyed by MetsubouJinrai. That's why his suit is damaged.

Sold Humagears will connect with Yua and Fuwa with their own will. Since they are no longer connected to Mass Brain System, they could attain singularity. Sold 9 will point the gun at Fuwa first.

New fight stills featuring the new forms against MetsubouJinrai.

  • Vulcan Lone Wolf Vs MetsubouJinrai

  • Valkyrie Justice Serval Vs MetsubouJinrai

MetsubouJinrai can also use the weapons of other MetsubouJinrai members just like how he is using Slash Riser against Lone Wolf.

Secretary of Defense Terashige Daimonji commands A.I.M.S. Captain Yua Yaiba (Kamen Rider Valkyrie) to destroy Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai. Yua was a bit perplexed by this order. But on the other hand, Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai had already made Yua as the next target.

Meanwhile, Soldier type Humagears - Solds who have been freed from ZAIA Enterprise have decided to go on a war with A.I.M.S.

By the way, Isamu Fuwa (Kamen Rider Vulcan) who had witnessed the last of MetsubouJinrai members started to realise their true intentions.

What will be the fate of Yua who is refusing to fight against Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai & Solds?

Fuwa had made a decision and was ready to complete his last mission as Kamen Rider Vulcan.

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