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Wataru Hyuga (Daiji Igarashi) Reveals Trauma To Act With Giff Junior

Actor Wataru Hyuga who plays Daiji Igarashi the future Revice Rider was recently interviewed by Mynavi News where he had revealed a making backstory from Kamen Rider Revice which is like a trauma for him. This is related to the fight scenes against Giff Juniors.

Hyuga Wataru says in the interview, "I am scared to see Giff Junior from near. When the filming started, it turned into horror. Action part's people who I am indebted to are inside them. But when it's filming, it's a horror. I feel this is the childhood trauma where I got caught by the Evil Boss at a Hero Show (lol)."

Is that the reason why Daiji failed to use the Revice Driver in Episode 1?

... Just Kidding. Both are unrelated.

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