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Weekly Playboy To Release Special Kamen Rider Edition

Updated: 6 days ago

Weekly Playboy no. 39 & 40 / Oct 4th, 2021 releasing on September 13 will be a special edition focused on Kamen Rider & Kamen Rider Heroines. Kamen Rider Revice's Heroine - Ayaka Imoto (Sakura Igarashi) will appear on the cover of the magazine.

Yui Asakura who plays the commander of Deadmans - Aguilera in Kamen Rider Revice makes her debut with this magazine appearance. There will be her Interview featured in the magazine.

A special DVD will be included with the magazine which will contain 47 minutes of content. Both will get a Digital Photo Book release via Playboy. Yui Asakura's Photobook is titled "Cute but in Traffic!" & Ayaka Imoto's Photobook is titled "Heroine is Dignified & Beautiful 17 years old".

Other Rider Heroines who will appear in Gravure pages are Asuka Kawazu (Mei Sudo in Kamen Rider Saber), Mio Kudo (Kanon Fukami / Kamen Rider Kanon Specter), Riho Takada (Hina Izumi in Kamen Rider OOO), Hikaru Yamamoto (Akiko Narumi in Kamen Rider W), Yuumi Shida (Mai Takatsukasa in Kamen Rider Gaim).

Riho Takada will be doing Gravure after 11 years.

The other five Kamen Rider Heroines are also getting their own Digital Photobooks and these are the titles.

  • Asuka Kawazu - Epilogue

  • Mio Kudo - Beloved Tokusatsu.

  • Hikaru Yamamoto - Mysterious Eyes

  • Yumi Shida - Rider's High

  • Riho Takada - Eternal Heroine

Other Kamen Rider contents are the Interviews of the below Kamen Rider Heroines

  • Yuria Haga (Mari Sonoda in Kamen Rider 555 & Mio Suzuki in Kamen Rider Kiva)

  • Wakana Matsumoto (Airi Nogami in Kamen Rider Den-O)

  • Nana Yanagisawa (Megumi Aso / Kamen Rider Ixa in Kamen Rider Kiva)

  • Honoka Yahagi (Mezool in Kamen Rider OOO)

  • Yuko Takayama (Rinko Daimon in Kamen Rider Wizard)

There will be a special feature of Kamen Rider Bikes, an Interview with Kamen Rider Revice's lead - Kentaro Maeda (Ikki Igarashi / Kamen Rider Revi), Chief Producer Taku Mochizuki. JAE's CEO - Osamu Kaneda talks about working with the late Shinichi Chiba. There will also be a feature on Suit Actor's work.

Yui Asakura Gallery

Ayaka Imoto Gallery

Asuka Kawazu Gallery

Mio Kudo Gallery

Riho Takada Gallery

Yuumi Shida Gallery

Hikaru Yamamoto Gallery

Honoka Yahagi Gallery