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Yodonna 2 Announced: Yodonna Vs Power-Up Hideki (Hideo Ishiguro's Character)

Initially, when Spin-off "Yodonna" was announced two months back, it was assumed that it is going to be one episode spin-off. But turns out there is a second episode that will be streamed with the title "Yodonna 2".

The spin-off not only has action and sexy scenes. It's a spin-off that takes you on the journey of Yodonna learning all the emotions that were still incomplete in TV Series.

Both "Yodonna" & "Yodonna 2" will get a special screening on September 4 and it will welcome both the main cast - Nashiko Momotsuki (Yodonna) & Mizuki Saiba (Mizuki Kakihara).

Yodonna 2 Plot

Yodonna learns about emotions and sorrows through Mizuki Kakihara. Yodonna has a change of mind for Kakihara whom she used initially for her self revival. Around the same time, Mose from Soul Management Bureau had arrived to bring back Yodonna. He reveals Yodonna's true plans to Mizuki. She gets shocked to know the truth as she trusted Yodonna.

Mose uses Yodonna's whip to power up Hideki Kujisaki to attack Yodonna.

What will be Yodonna and Mizuki's fate?

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