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Yodonna Spin-Off Cast Details: Kyuranger's Yosuke Kishi, Orb's Hideo Ishiguro & more

The whole cast of Yodonna Spin-off is filled with familiar Tokusatsu Actors.

  1. Hideo Ishiguro - He previously played Gai Kurenai / Ultraman Orb.

  2. Koji Saikawa - He had recently played Zooos in the ongoing show - Kamen Rider Saber.

  3. Kentaro Shimazu - He had previously played Gentle in Kyoryuger

  4. Saori Izawa

  • Yu Kamio whom you might remember from Kamen Rider OOO as Dr. Maki & Kamen Rider Amazons as Yugo Tachibana will play the role of Detective.

  • Yosuke Kishi who had played Stinger (Sasori Orange) in Kyuranger will play Mizuki Kakihara's brother - Shosuke Kakihara. Shosuke is also a Detective and works with Yu Kamio.

Juru & Tametomo are also going to appear in this Spin-Off. But won't transform into Kiramager.