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Yodonna Spin-Off Release Date & New Pics + ASMR Series Announced

Mashin Sentai Kiramager's Spin-Off Yodonna has got the streaming date announced. Previously it was only announced that it will begin streaming from August on TTFC. But today it has been announced that it will start streaming from August 8. Along with the announcement, a new set of pics has been released.

Karihara-san becomes a Maid to join Maid Cafe.

After Yodonna possesses Kakihara's body, Yodonna will be seen in Maid dress.

When Kakihara and Yodonna's hearts connect, Yodonna will have a change of mind.

Koji Saikawa will reveal his parkour action scenes which we didn't get to see in Kamen Rider Saber. He will have incredible action scenes with Yodonna.

Maneki Neko Jamen, Chura Tribe's Dachura, Yodonna, and others Jamen are waiting to be judged by Hern. Mose is standing beside them as a guide.

Yodonna ASMR Series "Yodonna ~ Mimikyun part" has also been announced which will be streamed on an ASMR App called Mimikyun. The ASMR is recorded under the supervision of Director Tsukada Hideaki and the script for this is written by Kiramager's Main Writer. The series will have six episodes and starts streaming from August 8 too.

  1.  Yodonna's Special Training

  2.  Yodonna's Parenting

  3.  Yodonna's Sweet Trick

  4.  Yodonna's Fierce Fight

  5.  Yodonna's Punishment

  6.  Yodonna's Trial Bearer

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