Yuki Ikushima Gives His Final Message on Kamen Rider Saber TV Series Final Wrap Up

Many Kamen Rider Saber Cast members have given their Final Messages on Kamen Rider Saber TV Series Filming Wrap Up, yesterday. Yuki Ikushima who played a Father Kamen Rider in the series had also given his final message today on his Twitter.


Life is Mysterious. One day this 36 years old man became a Hero. It's been ten years since I have begun acting. If I couldn't find hope, then I was thinking of going on a different path. I didn't even think I would become a Kamen Rider. #KamenRiderSaber TV Series Filming Wraps Up The story will continue. Support us till the end!

Yuki Ikushima had also posted some pics from the wrap-up along with some pics of the gift he received from Syuichiro Naito & Asuka Kawazu. The gift was given to commemorate the wrap-up and it seems like a bookbinder (?) with Yuki Ikushima's name on it.

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